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Family Leisure now carries Delta Heat Grills

26Delta is a term used in mathematics to describe a dramatic change in energy. And since Delta Heat Grills are designed to build heat extraordinarily fast, it's appropriate they carry delta in their name. Family Leisure recently started carrying Delta Heat Grill and Carts, Grill Heads and Grill Accessories; since they are a new brand, let's review their offerings and the advantages they bring to the kitchen table.

Each Delta Heat product, from the grills to the side burners, is made from commercial-quality 304 stainless steel. This ensures consistent quality and a polished look. But the best aspect of a Delta Heat Grill is the Direct Heating System that comes standard in each model.

What is the Direct Heating System? This system uses a tray of ceramic briquettes to heat the interior of the grill. This system will build heat quickly, but more importantly, it will build heat evenly. This means no more hot spots or hot zones in your grill that overcooks or undercooks your burgers, steaks and other foods.

Grill masters love this feature, which allows them to cook all of the food at the same pace. This means each cheeseburger; hot dog or bratwurst will finish at the same time. And since the drippings cannot contact an open flame, flare ups are virtually eliminated. This system comes standard with any Delta Heat Grill, such as the 26" Outdoor Gas Grill pictured above right as an example; view the 26" Outdoor Gas Grill here.

While being a smaller model, the 26" Outdoor Gas Grill doesn't lack in looks and cooking power. Note the pedestal base, an exceptional design feature very different than other outdoor gas grills. In addition to good looks, this model also offers brute force, with two stainless steel burners that together produce 40,000 BTUs of cooking power.

Not enough bells and whistles? Add the Sear Zone and built-in Rotisserie System to this model. The Sear Zone is a special burner designed to sear meats and other foods on the outside, locking the flavorful juices on the inside. And the built-in rotisserie is an innovative feature great for slow-cooking turkeys and chickens.

Delta Heat Grill and Cart combinations are great for everyday use, perfect for the backyard, deck or next to the swimming pool. They provide a mobile outdoor kitchen that can be moved into a garage or storage area if bad weather hits. And if you choose to build a grill island, the grill can be removed from the cart and used as a drop-in grill head.

Cooler DrawerDelta Heat Grill Heads, such as the 32" Outdoor Gas Grill Head (view the 32" Outdoor Gas Grill Head here), are perfect for any grill island project. In addition to these drop-in grill heads, Delta Heat also produces grill accessories such as side burners, access doors, trash drawers, storage drawers and even cooler drawers. You can build an entire grill island with Delta Grills and Accessories, or simply use the accessories to match an existing stainless steel grill head from another manufacturer (view all Delta Heat products here).

So regardless if you need a mobile gas grill, or in the middle of planning a massive grill island project, Delta Heat Grills have you covered. They build heat quickly and evenly, while offering the very best materials and quality designs. And all Delta Heat products come with free shipping nationwide from Family Leisure! View Delta Heat Grills from Family Leisure here.

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