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Holiday Gifts Don't Have To Be Seasonal, Or Boring

Let the buying begin! There’s no escaping it, the holidays are all about gifts. And it’s hard, year after year after year, to come up with something creative and still appreciated. Chia Obama is creative; but appreciated? Not so much. With the astounding enthusiasm for creating fabulous outdoor living areas, what could be better than something for your dearly beloved to use outside? Just because its winter, doesn’t mean you can’t buy a gift to use during one of the other seasons (there are four).

On the lower end of the expenditure spectrum, consider a beautiful marble tile side table, serving cart or plant stand. They are classy and classic, go with every décor, and add some interest and color to the setting. One of my favorite tables is the “San Marco” design; a striking mixture of marble and slate tiles that give this table great versatility. How about some indoor/outdoor wall art? Designed specifically to weather the sun and rain, these outdoor canvases can add visual interest and color to even the dullest of outdoor spaces. Check out “Grapes No. 1”, perfect for a wine connoisseur, or add a little “Zen” with Japanese Maple.

Another greNatural Slate Tile Top Fire Pitat gift, and one that can be used year round is a portable firepit.

Other inexpensive ideas for an outdoor space? Portable fountains, storage boxes, beverage coolers, lanterns, garden stools, outdoor rugs, throw pillows, outdoor lights and decorative accessories.

How many cantilever umbrellas have you seen under a Christmas tree? What a great gift and a wonderful addition to any patio or deck area.

If you are looking to do something on a grander scale, how about a firepit table? A unique and yet practical gift. Or take it a step further and buy your honey an outdoor kitchen. Granted, it won’t be easy to wrap, but it will be very appreciated.

Really want to impress someone? How about a sauna or hot tub? They come in a wide range of sizes and prices, and maybe you’ll get invited over for some fun.

Think outside the box, bag, shopping cart and mall this ChristmaHanuKwanzaakah and maybe this year “Oh, you shouldn’t have” won’t mean “Oh, you REALLY shouldn’t have”.

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