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Lovely Patio Furniture: Cast Classics, In a Class by Itself

Deauville Sling Outdoor DiningI "Like" Cast Classics. It is beautiful furniture, well designed and expertly executed. I love the inspired and inspiring effort that goes into every minute detail. There is no cutting corners, no substitutions and no compromise for the sake of a dollar. This is quality. Cast Classics has long been the name for the finest cast aluminum furniture available. They also added a line of extruded aluminum furniture, and a few woven collections.

Cast Classics, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways:
  1. The Deauville Sling Collection (pictured right) – If you ever thought sling patio furniture was generic and boring, you need to see this sling patio furniture. Cast Classics has sculpted a beautiful solid cast frame; the curves, the swirls, the embossing, its poetry. Add an expertly matched all weather sling and you have one gorgeous sling collection. Oh, and it’s back-friendly, with an ergonomic curve. View The Deauville Sling Here.
  2. The Monte Cristo Cast Aluminum Collection – You know you have a good idea when everyone else starts to copy it. I have seen the Monte Cristo design imitated over and over again, but I have never seen it replicated. The Monte Cristo, with its clean simple frame and bewitching back that reminds me of a never-ending Celtic design, is understated elegance. View The Monte Cristo Dining Here.
  3. Nantucket Deep SeatingThe Nantucket Collection (pictured right) – Admittedly, part of my fascination with this collection is that I like to say the word “Nantucket.”  Outside of that, however, Cast Classics venture into extruded aluminum was a successful one. The Nantucket design reminds me of Mission style furniture, but it is Mission style with a mission. It is simple but not boring, and could be dressed up in nautical blues or southwestern browns or Manhattan plums and it would look magnificent. View The Nantucket Deep Seating Here.
  4. The Shambala Collection – What to say, what to say? The first time I saw this amazing all-weather wicker furniture my jaw dropped. Seriously. Pictures just don’t do this collection justice because you can’t experience the scale of the pieces; angels should be singing when you are in its presence. Not content with stopping at the stunning striated and embossed weave or the grand aluminum accents, the Shambala is comfortable too! I like that in a chair. View The Shambala Wicker Collection Here.
Have you considered Cast Classics patio furniture? If you are looking for casual furniture that has that little something extra; if you have an amazing new outdoor kitchen or just laid your own paver patio; if you have a sunroom that is begging for some drama; if you have a lonely deck that deserves better than that sorry excuse for furniture you left on it all winter, Cast Classics may just change your life.
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