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Hit the BULL'S EYE with "RELIABULL" Technology

Twenty years of Bull Products Inc. expertise have produced an incredible line-up of award winning grills and grill islands. They have earned their reputation by producing attractive commercial-grade stainless steel units that are built like tanks and offer phenomenal cooking power. You will find that their eye-catching designs, superb engineering and skilled manufacturing place them high in the pantheon of the grilling gods.

And amazingly, Bull Products just keep getting better, year after year. Their latest innovation is the new “Reliabull" technology that was developed to allow you to use every inch of your grill. You won't be worrying about hot spots or cold spots thanks to some adept engineering expertise courtesy of California Polytechnic. This brand new technology improves the heat distribution by 50% with Reliabull flame tamers; no more shuffling burgers or scooting steaks; this Bull innovation delivers perfectly even heating on every inch of the grill surface.

No matter how pretty a grill looks, what really matters is how good the food is that comes off of it. Part of that depends on the cook, of course; but it's much easier to make mouths water if what you are cooking on is top of the line. If you don't believe me, maybe the World Food Championships will change your mind. They recently announced a long-term agreement with Bull Products to provide cooking islands for a grilling school as well as outfitting the “Kitchen Coliseum" with 4-burner grills where grilling contestants will compete.

In addition, Bull Outdoor Products hosts the annual “Bull Burger Battles" - a coast-to-coast series of live- cook-offs to recognize the finest burger chefs in the USA. The winners of the five 2015 Burger Battles will be asked to participate on Team Bull at the World Food Championships.

Bull Outdoor Products will up your grilling game from amateur to master with the opportunity to cook on a commercial grade grill in your own backyard. You can start with this exclusive advice from Bull Products:


4 Rib Eye Steaks, cut 1 ½" thick

  • How To Grill A Rib Eye SteakLet steak sit for about an hour to reach room temperature, then season with sea salt and pepper; you won't need any other spices. Don't be shy with the salt; you can use up to ¾ teaspoon per pound.
  • Get grill ready for direct high heat grilling with a cooling zone – you will use the cooler zone in case there is a flare-up, which isn't unusual with a cut of meat with this much marbling.
  • Oil your grates before you start grilling. Place the steaks on the grill at an approximate 45 degree angle and cook for 4-5 minutes; rotate another 90 degrees and grill 3 - 5 minutes to reach medium rare (130 degrees); 135 degrees for medium and up to 140 degrees for medium well. Always use tongs to turn the steak, never pierce it with a fork.
  • Let the steak rest for about 8 minutes and enjoy!
  • Need more recipes? Check out more mouth-watering recipes from Bull Grills.

Go to familyleisure.com to see our full selection of Bull Grills; where you will find the entire range of Bull products, from the basic to the sublime – all with Bull's quality and engineering excellence.

Grab the Bull by the horns for the best grilling experience you will ever have.

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