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Artesian Spas

The word "artesian" makes me think of bubbles; crystal clear, gurgling, natural, refreshing, straight out of the earth bubbles. Artesian springs, artesian wells, artesian aquifers...which makes the word "artesian" an inspired choice for a line of spas that deliver a sparkling, relaxing, effective, and spectacularly satisfying hot tub experience.

Think how nice it would be to have an artesian hot spring in your backyard; after a day of grueling traffic and stressful work you would sink into that warm, bubbling, healing water and let the cares of the day melt away. With an Artesian Spa you can have that exact experience every day. 

Artesian hot tubs were expressly designed to improve the standard of living and wellbeing of every customer. Their range of spas are designed to meet the budget, space, aesthetic and therapeutic needs of anyone. Artesian has four brands in their hot tub line up: the Platinum Elite, Island Spas and Island Spas Elite, Tropic Seas Spas and Garden Spas.

The Platinum Elite line offers the most innovative indulgent spas on the market. These hot tubs have been specifically designed to provide you with an incomparably luxurious and therapeutic spa experience.

A prime example of this is the Dove Canyon. The Dove Canyon comes with a staggering 67 jets, including dual rotating foot jets and calf massage. There is a dedicated lounger, advanced digital touch control system, and a mood-enhancing waterfall as well as LED lighting options.

Like the idea of a waterfall? The Platinum Elite Pelican Bay  comes with two!! This enormous hot tub will accommodate up to nine people. It has an incredible 70 high-performance jets, five individual pumps and provides for five individual controls. And while it may be big, you lose nothing in the therapeutic properties. 

Artesian's Island Spas Elite provide you with their patented DIRECTFLOW Personal Control Switchless Motor and Direct Plumbing System allowing for "ultimate individual control" offering the best hydrotherapy experience you can possibly have. These are also the most decidedly customizable spas available. Island Spas Elite allow you to have what you want exactly how you want it.

The Grand Bahama Elite and the Captiva Island Elite offers individual controls and pumps so you can personalize your massage experience. There's plenty of room in the ergonomically designed seats. Artesian's Island Spas will soothe your soul with the sounds of the Tranquility Fall while the extremely powerful neck jets will take care of the stress of the day.

While Artesian's Tropic Seas Spas may be more budget friendly than some of their other lines, these fabulous hot tubs are manufactured with the same painstaking quality and standards as any spa in Artesian's line-up. Tropic Sea Spas offer all the benefits of hydrotherapy and ground-breaking engineering to ensure your best spa experience. 

The Rio 751L features ergonomically designed seats and phenomenal jet power. The Waikiki 864 is a huge 91" square tub and offers a "cool down seat" next to the full length lounger. 64 jets will melt away any cares of the day.

And last, but not least, are Artesian's Garden Spas...smaller in size, but no less effective, these beautiful tubs are ideal for condo and town homes or any smaller spaces where you prefer to have the easy option to "plug and play."

The Forsythia offers 21 advantageously placed jets will provide you and your significant other with a satisfying massage, from the feet up.

The Camellia has a lovely design reminiscent of a shell (or a )petal; its ideal for a corner spot on a deck or patio. Plenty of space for two.

From lavish to petite, square, round, rectangular or triangular, you can't go wrong with a spa from Artesian. The design is inspired, the quality impeccable, and the hydrotherapy, well, the hydrotherapy will get you ready to face the world day after day after day. You can have your own artesian spring, waiting for you, warm and bubbling, right outside your  back door. Check out the entire line of Artesian spas at familyleisure.com!

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