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Applaudable Inflatables

Americana Beach BallSo, you did it! After suffering summer after hot sticky summer, you invested in a swimming pool. Finally, a place to cool off, relax and keep the kids busy during those interminable summer days. The cool, clean water is nice, but its only part of the fun of owning an above ground or in ground pool. The real enjoyment is in the pool toys!

Beach balls; yep, they still make them. But they are so much more interesting now. The Americana Beach Ball, for example, brings patriotism to a whole new level! There is also the matching Americana Swim Ring and Americana Air Mattress!

Beach balls bounce, they float, and, well, that’s pretty much it, right? Nope! The Light Up Beach Ball... lights up! Think how much fun the kids will have playing in the swimming pool (supervised of course) at night! These would also be great option to light up a holiday party. Buy several and fill up the pool for the best 4th of July party in the neighborhood!  

Just when you were sure your toddler could not possibly be any cuter, you put her in this. The Baby Spring Pool Float gets your little sweetie used to the water and also keeps her under a mesh canopy to protect that perfect skin from UV harm. And just as cute; the Baby Clownfish Baby Seat. It comes equipped with a dual safety chamber for baby’s protection. Of course you will never leave your child unsupervised.

Baby Marvelous DolphinWhat do you call a momma dolphin and her baby? Aaaaadorable. Check out the Baby Marvelous Dolphin! This sweet set of inflatables will have you smiling every time you look at it. This pair of endearing dolphins can stand up poolside too; but I’m pretty sure they prefer the water. What’s big and green and fun to ride on? The Giant Inflatable Sea Turtle, of course. This smiling guy comes with convenient handles; think how much fun the little ones will have as you push or pull them around the swimming pool!

One thing we never get tired of: intergalactic battles! The Starship Squirter Inflatable is an imaginative inflatable, shaped like a starfighter. It comes equipped with a water gun to eradicate alien intruders from your swimming pool.

Arrrrrr! Or maybe your kids love skulls and crossbones; they can set sail on this Jolly Roger Inflatable Boat with its own water gun to defend the pirate’s booty. Buy them both and host an epic star trooper/pirate water blaster battle! That would be a great movie for the SyFy network.

You didn’t buy that above ground or in ground swimming pool just for the kids, though, did you? There are inflatables for the grown-ups as well. Put on your shades, slather on the sunscreen, grab yourself two cans of something and hop on the Bahia Easy Lounger.

Big and sturdy enough to accommodate almost any manly man in the swimming pool, on the lake or floating down a lazy river.  The unique design of the Cool Chaise will have you lounging in style and comfort. And it’s cool. Everyone will be jealous.

Floating CoolerAn inflatable adjustable lounger! Adjustable! Not kidding! The KickBack Adjustable Inflatable! This sweet ride offers an adjustable back and drink holder; you may never get out of the water again.

Get some face time with your honey on this Face2Face Lounger. You can tell him aalllll about your day and he will just lie there, soaking up the sun, and taking in your every word, because he is too comfortable to move.

And, of course, no above or in ground swimming pool owner would be without an inflatable Floating Cooler. Keep up to 18 cans of any beverage right at hand, whether you are in the pool or out. The Floating Cooler has clips to tether it to another float, dock, or boat; the refreshments must not escape! It has a pull out liner for easy clean-up and converts to a carry-bag when the fun is over.

Get the most out of your above or in-ground pool! Stock up on some applaudable inflatables today!

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