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Cutting-Edge Materials Are Changing Above Ground Pools

The Arcadia Above Ground PoolAbove ground pools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, but traditionally have offered the same looks and materials. Recently the above ground pool industry has been changed by cutting-edge technology, advanced materials and smart concepts. Let's review two of these advanced materials, as well as a new pool concept, the modern Contempra Above Ground Pools from Aqua Leader.

Zinc and Hot-Dip Galvanized Steel

Zinc is a metallic chemical element used by humans since ancient times. Historically, the most common use was in brass, which is actually an alloy of copper and zinc. Today, the most common use of metallic zinc is in hot-dip galvanizing, where zinc is plated over iron or steel to improve corrosion resistance.

Hot-dip galvanized steel can trace its origin back to French chemist Paul Jacques Malouin who, in 1742, described a method of coating iron in molten zinc to improve the iron's resistance to corrosion. This process took another step forward in 1746, when German chemist Andreas Sigismund Marggraf discovered pure metallic zinc.

There are several different materials that use iron, steel or aluminum coated in zinc. These materials are generally used in applications where exposure to chemicals, water and other elements is present. For above ground pools, there are two contemporary galvanized products that seem to be used more often than others: ZAM coatings and GALFAN coated steel.

ZAM Coatings

ZAM stands for zinc, aluminum and magnesium. ZAM provides a thin coat that offers more protection than typical coatings. Trademarked by Nisshin Steel Co., Ltd., the coating known as ZAM is made from zinc (91%), aluminum (6%) and magnesium (3%).

While this finish material is smooth to the touch, it's also extremely durable, lasting three times longer than other galvanized steel products. Another benefit: paint seems to last longer when painted on a ZAM coating.

ZAM coated products can be found in a variety of industries, including building construction, automobiles and swimming pools. While ZAM is more corrosion resistant, it does appear to crack easily when compared to GALFAN, the next material discussed. Because of this ZAM is used in areas of the above ground pool that will rarely move or bend, such as the rims.

Spirit Above Ground PoolGALFAN & Pool Walls

GALFAN is a blended metal material patented and trademarked by the International Lead Zinc Research Organization. It will resist corrosion, provides durable edges and can be painted.

GALFAN is mostly used in industrial and automotive applications. This material is hot-dip galvanized steel, or flat carbonized steel, that's coated with an alloy that contains mostly zinc (95%) along with aluminum (5%) and small trace amounts of multiple rare Earth metals. Like ZAM, GALFAN will prevent corrosion and other traditional problems associated with pools above ground.

This protective coating is lighter, as well as being more pliable and bendable after production, than other zinc-coatings such as ZAM. This bendable nature is perfect for pool walls, which come in rolls than have to be unfurled during installation.

In addition to above ground pools, GALFAN is used in HVAC equipment, on farms, in appliances and automobiles as well as in other industries. With GALFAN, even if the coating is scratched down to the steel, the surrounding zinc in the coating will corrode before the steel, protecting it from damage and breakdown. Studies have shown that GALFAN steel will last two to three times longer than typical galvanized steel products.

The Contempra Above Ground PoolAqua Leader's Contempra Above Ground Pools

Are you searching for something different than the typical above ground pool for your backyard? Have you considered any of the Contempra and Above Ground Pools from Aqua Leader? If not, you should... They come in three round sizes from Family Leisure: the 18' x 52" model, View the Contempra 18' x 52" here; the 24' x 52" model, View the Contempra 24' x 52" here; and the 27' x 52" model, View the Contempra 27' x 52" here.

Aqua Leader hired the creative team at ALTO DESIGN to bring a new vision to the swimming pool industry, and the result is extraordinary, to say the least. If you find yourself bored by the regular painted above ground pool designs you've seen in backyards since the 1980s, you really must consider one of the Contempra models.

Each pool design showcases a modern style we promise is unlike anything you have ever seen. ALTO designers were influenced by the straight lines and clean surfaces of modern urban architecture when they drafted this model. The result is the most contemporary above ground pool available on the market today.

The stripped-down, industrial appearance offers a metallic pool wall with a light, tone-on-tone graphic that allows the structural components of the pool to show through. The top rails feature a dark walnut graphic, while the structural components are made from highlighted bronze steel. Aqua Leader tops off the design with polypropylene top caps in a shadowy chocolate color.

Features of The Contempra Above Ground Pools:

  • Deep Swimming: 52" Wall Heights
  • High-Gauge Steel For All Metal Parts
  • Seats Are Printed With A Walnut Pattern
  • Structural Parts: Double Heat-Setting Polyester Coatings
  • Polypropylene Connecting Parts Offer A Chocolate Brown Color
  • Components Offer A Bronzed Steel Look With Metallic Highlights 
  • Beautiful Printed Patterns With Liquid Inks; Embossing Powders
  • Reinforced Steel Core Pretreated With Crystalline Zinc Phosphate - Anti-Corrosion Coating Of Magnesium, Copper ; Aluminum Increases Rust Protection by 72%

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