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Renegade: For The Outlaw In You

RenegadeThe concept of the “man-cave” caught on quickly. And why not? The men get to have a space of their own where they can be manly, watch sports, play poker, and give their bodily emissions free reign. The women get rid of the men while they vacuum and bake cookies. Or not. So what does it take to make a man cave? A television, preferably of astronomical size; a couple of big cushy recliners, a fridge dedicated to adult beverages, maybe a poker table, a bar, a neon sign…and a pool table. Most definitely a pool table.

One of the reasons pool tables are so desirable is that they are a bit notorious. Which is funny, because pool evolved from the outdoor game of croquet; they just moved it indoors, put it on a table covered with a cloth to simulate grass, and shoved balls around with little paddles. Yep. Not so manly. It was the game of nobles and dandies.  For your next trivia game; the origin of the pool cue: when the paddle couldn’t be manipulated to move a ball, it was turned upside down and the handle, or the “queue” (which is French for tail) was used instead. By the way, women weren’t allowed to use the handle of the paddle because they might rip the cloth. Right. Sounds like an issue for Freud. So of course, the little handle became a big stick, and nothing was ever the same. Pool tables got moved to (formerly) smoky bars and people started getting swindled over them and a bad reputation was born.

So about that pool table you need for your man cave (or basement or garage or wherever you are hanging out). We all know what a pool table looks like. Wooden table (or reasonable facsimile), felt top, slate in the middle, and some holes. Some are fancy, some are plain. But none of them are like the Renegade Pool Table by Renegade/Legacy Billiards. Notorious? This is the first pool table that lives up to the badass (can I say that?) image that billiards has worked so hard to obtain.

Renegade Pool Table

The Renegade Pool Table is rock and roll. It is hop on a Harley and head on down the road. It is head-banging, engine revving, guitar smashing, torn leather jacket, boot wearing, tatted-up awesome. The cabinet comes in a distressed black pearl finish. It has faux leather inlays and is hand-set with metal studs, yes, metal studs. The tapered legs have a laser applied rising flame design and the rails are topped off with diamond pearl sights. The custom fringed leather pockets are embossed with the Renegade logo: a flaming skull!

The Renegade Pool Table by Renegade/Legacy isn’t just a pretty face; the cabinet is 1.25” solid wood with an all-wood corner construction and high torque T-nut fasteners. The 3-piece, 1” thick backed slate provides a smooth and level playing field. And FYI, the distressed black pearl finish has the look of worn steel. It consists of a silver base coat and an onyx top coat. The top coat is then distressed so that the silver shows through. Close your mouth, you’re drooling.

Wife won’t let you get a Harley? Put on a do rag and play some pool on the Renegade Pool Table and you won’t even miss the varoom-varoom. The game of billiards has never been so cool. 

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