Bar Fly Wall Bar by ECI Furniture
$975.00 $704.00
Bar Fly Wall Bar
ECI Furniture
Bar Mirror - Custom Lettering
$29.99 $24.99
NFL Back Bar Mirror
$699.99 $499.99
Kokomo Bar Mirror by American Heritage
$750.00 $499.95
Kokomo Bar Mirror
American Heritage
Riviera Mirror by American Heritage
$799.00 $595.00
Riviera Mirror
American Heritage
Roma Bar Mirror Sable
$679.00 $499.95
Roma Bar Mirror
American Heritage
Distressed Walnut Bar Mirror by ECI Furniture
$791.00 $586.00

Family Leisure offers a wide selection of bar mirrors in a variety of woods and finishes. Whether you are looking for maple or oak, large or small, we have it all. American Heritage is one of the finest manufacturers of back bar mirrors and their quality is second to none. When it comes to home bars and mirrors, we are your one stop shop. Now also featuring select models from ECI and Imperial International. You can even order custom lettering to give it that extra little pop that you are hoping for.