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If iron is present in your swimming pool in large quantities it will be hard to identify at first

Iron is the most common element found in the Earth, and is the fourth most common element in the Earth's crust. Iron offers a beautiful silver color, but reacts to water and air by producing iron oxides such as rust. Iron has been used throughout human history, from copper alloys used in the first metal tools and weapons to its current use in steel beams used in skyscrapers; we will avoid the history and chemistry surrounding Iron and focus on this element in your swimming pool water.

If iron is present in your swimming pool in large quantities it will be hard to identify at first. But as the levels increase, the water will begin to develop a brown or rust-colored tint, and may even take on a bright green or black hue. Swimmers will not want to swim in water that's high in iron; it will appear uninviting and dirty.

While acidic pool water (low pH) could cause high iron by deteriorating the metal equipment in the swimming pool, chances are this excess iron comes from the water source itself; well water is notorious for providing water high in iron and other elements. But unlike water high in the element Calcium, where you may have to remove most of the water and start over, you can treat swimming pool water that's high in iron. Iron Remover from Swim Clear is quite effective in this regard (pictured above right); view Iron Remover by Swim Clear here.

Chlorine must be removed to miniscule amounts before you attempt to bring down the iron levels. Since the source is typically the well, it's recommended you add Iron Remover while the swimming pool is filling up.

If you are attempting to fix a discolored pool, close the pool to swimmers, leave the filter pump running, stop adding chlorine and allow the chlorine levels to drop to zero; once this has happened lower the pH of the pool water (pH Reducer, pictured left, will work in this regard; view pH Reducer here) to 6.8, add one quart of Iron Remover per 5,000 gallons of pool water and allow the water to circulate overnight. Once the water is clear, you can begin to increase the pH levels to between 7.2 and 7.8 ppm. Now you can resume normal pool filtering and chlorination schedules.

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