Pool Safety

Pools are great fun for family and friends of all ages, but it’s your responsibility to maintain a safe environment so that everyone can enjoy swimming. There are many safety necessities and accessories that you should install in your above ground or inground swimming pool. Mike the Pool Guy will show you what safety features are necessary and which are optional for your outdoor swimming pool. Oftentimes, kids do not have a fear of the water, but they should. As swimming pool owners, it’s important to build in features to keep the kids safe. When you buy your pool from Family Leisure, we offer you a folder that includes safety instructions, but the safety instructions apply to pools from any brand. Listen to Mike the Pool Guy as he gives a tutorial about important pool safety information! For more information on maintaining a swimming pool, review our library of Pool School videos including information on Pool Water Testing, Perma Salt Systems, Closing Pools and more. For one-on-one assistance, stop by a store location today!


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