Can I Drain My Pool

A lot of swimming pool owners want to drain their pool in the springtime, especially if they didn’t keep a cover on it and their water is dirty. They want to drain the water, scrub the bottom and sides of the pool, and refill the pool. Mike the Pool Guy explains that, no, absolutely not! You should not drain your swimming pool. It is the single most expensive mistake that a pool owner can make. Let Mike explain to you why it is a bad idea, and offer alternative solutions. Pool School is designed to give swimming pool owners the information necessary to maintain a healthy, clean and safe swimming pool in their backyard. This series of episodes addresses the most frequently asked questions that are on the minds of pool owners. Consult the experts! If you are looking for one-on-one assistance, call our national hotline or stop by a local Family Leisure store location. We are here to answer your swimming pool FAQs.


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