Automatic Pool Vacuum

Are you looking for step by step instructions for caring for your home swimming pool? Take a few lessons from Pool School Mike. He teaches you to take care of your above ground or inground swimming pool. Vacuuming a swimming pool is one of the most taxing pool maintenance habits. An automatic pool vacuum can help alleviate the difficulty. But, if you don’t know how to properly work and maintain your robotic pool vacuum, it is of no use to you! In this video tutorial, Mike the Pool Guy introduces you to the art of using an automatic vacuum. There are many different kinds of pool vacuums, but most of them have the same components and same basic operation. Family Leisure carries a range of different vacuums, and each of them has a unique strength. Mike will introduce you to different styles of automatic pool vacuums and show you how to operate them with ease. Pool School by Family Leisure offers a huge range of video tutorials that teach you how to install, open, maintain and winterize your home swimming pool with confidence. If you’re looking for one-on-one help from a pool expert, stop by a store location or call our national hotline.


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