Advanced Water Testing & Chemistry

This video tutorial takes an in-depth look at advanced topics like alkalinity, pH and chlorine. What is chlorine? How does it really work? Why do so many things affect its effectiveness? This episode by Mike the Pool Guy is for those who are truly interested in understanding the inner workings of their outdoor swimming pool and the chemicals in it. At some points, this video is as technical as a chemistry class, but Mike the Pool Guy explains difficult subjects with an approachable understanding. Look at positive ions, negative ions and their impact on alkalinity. For more basic video tutorials on swimming pool chemicals and swimming pool water care, review other Pool School Video links like Pool Water Testing, Perma Salt System, Pool Water Testing and more. At Family Leisure, we are passionate about communicating to customers and friends the best methods to maintaining swimming pools. We’ll help you to understand and use your pool care products, whether they come from us or somewhere else.

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In the final episode of the advanced version of Pool School, Mike addresses the chemical cyanuric acid. Cyanuric acid helps keep chlorine in your swimming pool water. In its natural state, chlorine is a gas. Cyanuric acid is a conditioner that is a buffer solution to hold chlorine in the water, making it effective in your water.  Mike will also discuss other swimming pool maintenance components like algaecides that are copper or copper free. If you’re asking difficult pool care questions like how and when to add cyanuric acid, or you’re wondering whether you should proceed with copper algaecide or copper free algaecide, then the advanced series of Pool School tutorial videos is just for you. Watch the first episode of Advanced Water Testing & Chemistry and then visit this page. Watch from start to finish to get excellent pool care advice from the experts! For tutorials on other pool care topics, view the catalog of Pool School videos.

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