Sling Patio Furniture

Why Buy Sling Patio Furniture?
  1. Sling patio furniture is comfortable - Obtain the comfort of cushions without the hassle & maintenance of cushions.
  2. Sling patio furniture is practical - Sling furniture is easy to clean & dries rapidly.
  3. Sling patio furniture is replaceable - Sling can easily be replaced if damaged.
  4. Sling patio furniture is versatile - Change the look of your patio furniture by changing the color or pattern of the sling.

A Definition of Sling Patio Furniture

Sling patio furniture is a common type of outdoor seating cherished for its ability to dry quickly, easily maintain itself in bad weather and simplistic cleaning capabilities. Sling patio furniture is created by stretching synthetic fabric, typically fabric that offers fibers of polyester coated with a vinyl layer for added weather protection, between the wood or metal stiles of the back and seat frames of chairs. This synthetic polyester material resists water, allowing this type of furniture to dry quickly after a rain. The sling fabric can be easily replaced, allowing owners to change the look of their outdoor space or replace damaged sling fabric without buying new patio furniture sets. Padded sling patio furniture is a type of sling seating that offers enhanced cushion comfort. Two pieces of vinyl-coated polyester sling is stretched between the frames and filled with water-resistant Dacron, a synthetic fabric developed for use in sails on sailboats. Just like regular sling, padded sling will quickly dry and is easy to clean and replace, but offers added comfort and padding.


Sling Patio Furniture Material: Vinyl-Coated Polyester

The most common type of vinyl-coated polyester fabric is made from polyethylene terephthalate, a synthetic material initially developed to be used in boat sails. Vinyl-coated polyester is strong and durable, able to resist most issues that cause deterioration of patio furniture such as UV damage, water damage and high use. This fabric is resilient to weather damage and offers superior strength when compared to other fabrics, such as canvas. The most desired aspect of vinyl coated polyester is the ability to dry quickly; the low absorbency rate of water is the main reason this material is used on objects placed outside in the elements, from sailboats to patio furniture. Polyethylene terephthalate is available under several brand names such as Diolen, Tetoren, Trevira, Terylene and, most famously, Dacron by Dupont. Each brand offers varying levels of strength and softness.


Sling Patio Furniture Brands
Caluco - Widely-used brand recalls high-end resort luxury, with beautiful dining & chaise sets at economic prices everyone will appreciate & enjoy.

Woodard - A wide assortment of models awaits, from high-back classics to modern outlines, shapes and figures to collections that mix the past with the present & future.

Tropitone - This well-known manufacturer found poolside in hotels around the globe offers modern designs made with trust-worthy aluminum.

Windward - This design group showcases classic elements mixed with modern motifs, such as the high-back chairs found in Harbourage Sling.

Homecrest - Choose amongst a broad array of styles, from sleek contemporary to traditional classics, such as the fan-shaped back found in the Wescott Sling.

Agio Select 
- With vintage looks in solid cast aluminum frames, each piece carries artisan-quality flair, such as the pieces found in the Roma Collection.

Cast Classics - Sling options feature elegant casting designs, with scrolled hand rests & other decorative elements, such as those found in the Madison Sling.

Sling Patio Furniture: Care & Cleaning Tips

Clean routinely with a mild soap and water. If an area of the fabric becomes stained, add one cup of chlorine bleach to 10 cups of water, and, using a soft brush if necessary, attend to the stain. Always rinse furniture thoroughly after cleaning.


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