Water Sports Equipment

We’re interested in helping you to take your family fun beyond the confines of your home and out onto the open water that’s nearest and dearest to you. Not all outdoor activities are created equal. For example, patio furniture encourages gatherings and conversation between family and friends. A hot tub or sauna encourages adults to give their body a relaxing, rejuvenating treatment. But what hot tub will cater to high-energy teens in your life? And what patio furniture will satisfy the dad who springs at the idea of adventure? Water sports equipment can bring family fun to a new level of excitement and adventure that other home improvement equipment cannot.

The Family Leisure selections of kayaks, paddleboards and inner tubes aim to offer exercise, enjoyment and accessibility to both kids and adults. Kids might gravitate towards an inner tube towed behind a speedboat, whereas teenagers might enjoy the thrill of kayaking to the island in the middle of the lake. Mom and dad might take to the easygoing exercise of paddleboarding side-by-side.


So, you’re probably thinking that kayaks are clunky, large and impossible to transport. Well, some kayaks are easier to transport than others. Family Leisure is impressed with the Solstice line of inflatable kayaks, which are ideal for families who need to travel to get to the nearest water. The Trekker Duo Kayak is a two-seat inflatable kayak, and it comes complete with a backpack so that you can easily pack it on a camping trip. The Solstice line includes one and two-seat kayaks, and Family Leisure also carries their inflatable fishing boat for the family fisherman and the Sportster Three-Person Runabout, which is powered by an engine and ideal for those who aren’t willing to paddle.

Flash 2 Person Kayak by Solstice


Paddleboards are ideal for the adventuresome, high-energy people in your bunch. The boards are made for standing or sitting, and they come with a paddle that propels the paddleboard forward. The experience feels like one part surfing and one part kayaking. The Airhead line of paddleboards is convenient, like the Solstice line of kayaks. The paddleboards range in size, style and stability level. But all of them are inflatable and come with convenient backpacks for storage transportation. The Airhead paddleboards available at Family Leisure also come with high-pressure hand pumps, pressure gauges and valve wrenches for easy inflation and deflation.

Airhead Bonefish 1138

Inner Tubes

Inner Tubes are towed behind a boat and offer an exciting, unique experience with the water. Family Leisure carries over twenty inner tubes that are famously durable and uniquely designed for different tubing experiences. For example, the Airhead Switchback 4 Rider tube seats four different people, and the seats are made so that riders sit upright, almost like they are seated in a car. This inner tube is ideal for beginner tubers who are nervous or unable to grasp tightly onto handles. For the more adventuresome who want to whip inside and outside of the boat’s wake, the Airhead Shockwave 2 Rider is ideal.

Airhead Switchback 4 Rider by Airhead

This outdoor season, we encourage you and yours to leave the confines of your cozy backyard to explore what’s near you. Perhaps you live on a placid lake that begs to be paddled across with a paddleboard. Or maybe you live near an ocean, and you’re ready to try your hand at some adventurous kayaking. Or maybe you have a lake house, and you want to entertain your energetic friends and family with more than just a cookout. Maybe your family will need to travel a bit to get to the open water. But home is wherever your family is, and water sports equipment can easily improve your family open water experience!


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