Backyard Trampolines

What kid doesn’t want a trampoline? What parent doesn’t want to sneak out and use it when the kids are asleep? Trampolines are intrinsically fun – how else can you defy gravity while getting a cardio workout in the privacy of your own backyard?

There are so many good reasons for owning a trampoline. In this techno-locked culture, a trampoline will encourage your kids to get outdoors and get some exercise. Even the most proficient texter will be unable to stay on the phone when he or she is airborne. A trampoline doesn’t require any special skill; any kid: princess, mathlete, or jock, will enjoy it. At the same time, your little coach tater-tot will be improving muscle strength and tone as well as balance. A trampoline affords a great opportunity for you to spend time with your kids and have fun together. And a few minutes bouncing around will get rid of some stress and will give the whole family a reason to smile.

Family Leisure features premium brands like AlleyOOP Sports, Avyna, JumpSport, In-Ground Trampolines and Pure Global. With premium details like patented beds, polypropylene mats, steel construction, high grade stitching and galvanized wire and Olympic grade springs you can also rest assured (or bounce assured) that you are making a wise investment.

Don’t think you have enough room for a trampoline? They are available in a wide range of sizes from 8’ to 14’ and are come in round or square configurations.

Of course the big question is: Are trampolines safe? Modern trampolines have been engineered to insure the safety of the most boisterous bouncer.  New mat technologies allow the jumper to absorb impact forces more gently and progressively which considerably reduces the possibility of injury. Construction details like closed spring connectors and rubber tips help to prevent injuries. Safety nets keep the kids on the actual trampoline and prevent them from going overboard. Still concerned? In-ground trampolines decrease the height of a potential fall. You can even pair an in-ground trampoline with a safety net.

If you’ve been thinking about giving in and honoring the biggest dream of your child’s life (at least up to this moment) Family Leisure has an assortment of trampolines, one which is sure to meet your needs and your budget.

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