Spa Minerals by Leisure Time
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Spa Minerals

by Leisure Time
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Spa Care Made Easy with Spa Chemicals from Leisure Time

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Spa Minerals - Natural Water Purification by Leisure Time

The Spa Mineral Purifier by Leisure Time aims to use a natural approach to spa water care, so that you can cut down on your use of harsh chemicals and time spent attending to your water. The easy-to-use cartridge contains an EPA-registered mineral formula that destroys bacteria so that you can cut down on your bromine and chlorine use by up to 50%. The addition of Spa Minerals to spa and hot tub water improves filter efficiency and is compatible for regular use with supplements of bromine, chlorine, ozone and non-chlorine shock. It fits most filters and one cartridge lasts in a spa or hot tub for up to four months. Because you can you less chemicals, your water will become softer and less abrasive. The process that the Spa Mineral Purifier uses is strikingly similar to what happens in natural streams and creeks. 


  • Less Chemicals
  • Easy to use
  • Natural Water Purification
  • Saves Money
  • Saves Time
  • Good for 4 Months


  • For spas up to 600 gallons w/ skimmer and 2.5 HP Pump or larger : Place in skimmer well outside of the filter cartridge.
  • For spas up to 600 gallons w/ skimmer and 2.5 HP Pump or smaller : Place in filter cartridge core without allowing water flow to be restricted. If restricted, place in filter well.
  • Small cartridge filter spas or any other spas: Place in skimmer basket


  • Must be used with an EPA registered sanitizer such as bromine or chlorine
  • Maintain a bromine or chlorine level of 1 - 2 ppm
  • Change every 4 months
  • Bottom portion can be cut to fit different size filter cartridge heights


Leisure Time

Minerals Natural, Purifying

Reduces Need for Sanitizer

Result Improves Filter Efficiency

Use With Bromine, Chlorine, Ozone & Shock

Fits Most Filters

Lasts Up to 4 Months

Chemical Silver Chloride Mineral Purifier

UPC 785336234342

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