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One of the Country's Fastest Growing Companies Online

After decades of success with local stores selling home recreation products and furniture throughout the country, Family Leisure takes their business online and finds growth at an epic scale coast-to-coast. FamilyLeisure.com now prepares for 2011.

From its early roots in Cincinnati, Ohio in the late 60's, the once single store operation has grown to one of the largest and most successful niche retailers in the country, selling everything from pool tables to patio furniture. With the ever changing media age and cyber culture, in February of 2009 after years of preparation, Family Leisure launched FamilyLeisure.com, entering the ecommerce world and making their products available to customers anywhere in the United States. This venture has proven to be a wise decision for the family owned business, who has now positioned themselves to compete with some of the largest names in the retail industry. Learn About Us https://www.youtube.com/FamilyLeisure

Family Leisure has spent more than 40 years developing relationships with numerous manufacturers throughout the globe to be able to provide the highest quality products at the most competitive prices. "Unlike mass merchants and big-box stores, we have sustained the principle that just selling a product at a good price is not enough. We feel it is vital for long term success and customer loyalty to offer products primarily that are high quality and reliable, whether it be swimming pool accessories or swing sets, and back it up with unparalleled service after the sale", said Noah Williams, ecommerce Director at Family Leisure. This philosophy has allowed them to retain more than 90% of their customer base and has raised their referral business to 15% of overall sales.

The shear number of different product categories that Family Leisure specializes in is quite amazing. Here are just a few: Swimming Pools, Hot Tubs, Home Theater Seating, Bars, Bar Stools, Tanning Beds, Pool Tables , Poker Tables, a full line of supplies https://www.familyleisure.com/Discount-Pool-Supplies and much more. Although their product lines cover a large spectrum, the fastest growing and most exciting part of their new found online success has come from patio furniture visit https://www.familyleisure.com/Casual-Patio-Furniture for details. They have furniture suited for any outdoor living area, made from virtually any material from wood to cast aluminum. Aiding in their success is the 18 top named brands that they represent, including Hanamint, Tropitone, Gensun, Woodard and Summer Classics, just to name a few. One competitive advantage Family Leisure has over similar online retailers is that they stock thousands of sets of patio furniture and can deliver them anywhere in the Continental U.S. in a week or less. This provides them the opportunity to take care of the customer that is looking for furniture right away, but they also have a huge offering of special order furniture that can be custom made to match a customer's individual decor.

Adding ecommerce to the Family Leisure arsenal has made them one of the most well rounded specialty retailers in America and they have adapted well to their new online venue. Although still being in the early stages of their web presence, they are more than prepared for what is yet to come, adding numerous sales and customer service positions to their staff and hiring some of the most talented consultants and marketing professionals in the country. In an effort to continue to provide a well structured and user friendly website, their programmers work hand in hand with the graphic designers and ecommerce directors to offer the best experience for visitors. No website can be successful without also having some visually enticing elements, so Family Leisure recently purchased a brand new state-of-the-art photo studio, giving them full control of the images throughout the site.

With 2010 coming to an end and with much anticipation for the coming year, Family Leisure looks over this year's sales figures and feels fortunate to have accomplished what they have, especially in the current financial climate. They are definitely striking while the iron is hot and are taking advantage of the rising trend in ecommerce, experiencing more than a 400% increase in revenue from last year. Sensing that they have barely scraped the surface of their true potential gives them the ambition and foresight they need to continue their success. As one of fastest growing online retailers in the Country and with a team as focused as this one, it will be fascinating to see what they can accomplish in the years to come. Stay tuned!

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