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Kettler Toys On Sale! Known worldwide for their inventive playthings, games and knick-knacks, Kettler has been producing fun items for the family since 1949! This award-winning company manufactures the coolest swing sets, bicycles, tricycles, pedal cars, scooters and more for your smallest family members. Searching for outdoor toys your little one can use and abuse without fear of substantial damage? Kettler uses the best materials and production techniques to ensure the most durable toys for your household. And the fun experience taken from their products is second to none. Discover a swing set that offers vertical ladders, pull-up bars and board swings! Or find a tricycle with bright colors, high-carbon steel frames and durable powder- coatings! They offer inventive and traditional gift ideas that will make your presents stand out from the rest. Use their distinct and diverse lineup of Toys to find the perfect gift for your little one! Contact Family Leisure today and ask about Kettler Toys!

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