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Since 1996, Hessaire Cooling Solutions has worked to provide the best air-movement solutions to suit air conditioning and air ventilation needs. They see that there is a huge need for practical, effective solutions, and they provide them at the best value possible. They honed an earned expertise to create a compact in size, huge in performance line of mobile evaporative coolers. They guarantee the most affordable, effective mobile options for your needs. Their portable units are made with strong plastics for long life and quiet operation. Their strong caster wheels and locking features allow for easy movement and secure placement. All mobile coolers have exclusive sweep delivery system technology, delivering air to the widest area possible. Competing models to the our lineup are 2 times the cost and use approximately 40% more power consumption per CFM. Competitors do not use the spreading sweep delivery system technology. They do not oscillate, and do not service such a large area.