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400 sq.ft. Outdoor Air Conditioner by Hessaire

Outdoor Air Conditioner by Hessaire
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400 sq.ft. Outdoor Evaporative Cooler Air Conditioner by Hessaire

Bid adieu to suffering through the summer heat outdoors. Prepare yourself for the warm months, and conquer them! Traditional air conditioners cost about 75% more than Hessaire Coolers and cost about 75% more to run. Hessaire Coolers employ a different air cooling strategy than traditional air conditioners. They use evaporative cooling or "swamp cooling" to cool air. Pads line the inside of the Hessiare Air Conditioners. Water from the internal water tank is soaked up by the pads. The fan draws air through the soaked pads, cooling air. The evaporation process has a cooling effect, and absorbs the heat in the air around it. It eliminates BTUs in the surrounding air. Portable air conditioners come in a range of shapes, sizes and prices. The Hessaire line of outdoor air conditioners work to spread cool air to the largest area possible, while minimizing their footprint on your area. Hessaire air conditioners are compact, oscillate for increased reach and the cool air output cools the highest cubic feet per minute per dollar in the industry. Most comparable models are double the price of Hessaire products. The 400 square foot air conditioner is the most inexpensive, most compact mobile cooling unit model in their line. It is ideal for slim, tight spaces and will provide summer relief to homeowners with an outdoor porch or outdoor living areas that they love to use year round. The mini air conditioner product calls for absolutely no installation, and is easily picked up and moved when you move from location to location. 


  • Remote Control
  • Combats High Price of Traditional Air Conditioning 
  • Uses Economical Evaporative Cooling Process Versus Freon
  • 400 Square Feet of Cooling
  • Adjustable: 3-Speed
  • Run Time per Tank: 3-4 Hours.
  • Water Tank Consumption Depends on Humidity & Temperature 
  • One Year Warranty

Model# MC21A

Airflow 1100 Cubic Feet/Min.

Water Reservoir 7.5 Gallons

Amps 1.5

Dimensions 45''H x 15''W x 18''D

Weight 32 lbs

Cooling Process Evaporative Cooling

Use per Water Tank Fill 3-4 Hours, Depending

Typical Running Cost $0.02/hour

Electric Consumption 1.6A/160 Watts

Air Swing Delivery: Yes

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