Up to 50% Off Home Theater Seating


Home theater seating and movie chairs on sale now! Family Leisure has the largest selection at the lowest prices and we sell nothing but the best brands. Our luxury leather options will bring your home's cinema area to life. We back all of our products with our Satisfaction Guarantee. Our selection includes every possible look, including suede, leather and microfiber, in every possible color, filled with standard and special options, such as powered recliners, powered headrests, snack trays, cup holders and even optional butt-kickers (hidden subwoofers) so the audience can feel the bass from explosions and automobile chases! Become the director of family fun, or create an in-home theater that all neighbors and friends will love to visit! Each is built using the finest construction techniques and materials, from the heavy-duty frames to the tufted leather cushions found in some models. Grab a seat and some popcorn; the movie is getting ready to start.

One thing you can't deny; home entertainment, ala television, computers, phones, etc. just keeps getting better and better. The variety is nearly endless, the equipment more and more advanced, and the convenience of staying home and enjoying your soda and popcorn in your own comfortable seat has never been more appealing.  We carry a full line and just like electronics, these convenient and comfortable chairs keep getting better. Leisure Select offers quality, design, and function; it is customizable and exactly what you need to settle in and catch up on Stranger Things.