AOG 30'' Built In Grill Cover by AOG
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AOG 30'' Built In Grill Cover

by AOG
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American Outdoor Grill 30’’ Built In Grill Cover by Fire Magic

The AOG 30’’ Built In Grill Cover slides neatly and snugly over all of American Outdoor Grill’s 30’’ built in grill models, regardless of series. A grill cover protects your grill from corrosion caused by exposure to natural elements. Water, wind and even sun exposure can play a part in corroding your grill. Exposure to water will accelerate the rusting and wear on your grill, greatly shortening its lifespan. Rust is hard to clean once it accumulates. If water gets inside the grill, it can begin to form a pasty substance that is impossible to clean and remove.  AOG grills are made with all of the material and technological advancements to make it appropriate for outdoor placement. Adding a grill cover into the mix will simply insure that your grill stays in your backyard for longer. The AOG grill is best protected by an AOG cover, which is perfectly designed and measured to cover and protect the AOG grill. No accessory can increase the longevity of your grill like a grill cover, and nobody is better suited to create protection for your AOG grill than AOG themselves!


  • Black Fabric
  • PVC Reinforced Rip-Stop Material
  • Combines Polyester & Rip Stop Material for Durability
  • Perfect Tit for AOG 30’’ Built In Grills


Accessories / Components:
CoversAll Grill Accessories

Item # CB30-D

Waterproof Yes

Material Vinyl & Rip-Stop Blend

Vinyl Through and Through

Color Black

Perfect Fit 30'' AOG Built In Grills

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