SeaKlear Swimming Pool Supplies are on sale and come with free shipping nationwide when you shop at Family Leisure! The pool chemicals and supplies from SeaKlear are developed by HaloSource's and NC Brands team of care experts. They are a global water technology company that values our planet's natural water resources and engineers care products that work with the natural component in a protective manner. They don't advise customers to dump tons of chemicals in their water to keep them clean. They advocate smart use of advanced components to achieve clear results. SeaKlear offers all-natural maintenance formulas that use the very best natural cleaning ingredients like seashells from crustaceans. It's been discovered that you may kill algae blooms and keep them out of your pool, clear up cloudy water quickly and effectively, and wipe away scum with only dropping a natural tablet or a few drops of natural agents. We offer everything you need to keep your swimmers splashing all summer long, from cleaning solutions and phosphate removers to winter kits and maintenance pods. What is a pod? Well it's actually the Mighty Pods from SeaKlear, easy-to-use doses you simply drop in the swimming pool, saving you time on measuring dosages. Just drop them in and walk away.