Aquachek Test Strips by Hach Company. When it comes to ease and accuracy in testing pool water or spa water, no company does it better. The test strips are the easiest way to check water chemical levels. With a huge variety to choose from that test Alkalinity, pH, chlorine, bromine, and so many others. No matter which one you choose for maintenance on your pool or spa you can't go wrong. Whether you prefer the manual testers or the new digital machine, they are both accurate and both very simple to understand and operate. The reason you got a swimming pool was to swim and spend time with family and friends soaking up some sun, not testing the water. This takes the time and agony out of water testing and leaves you more time to enjoy the water instead of working on it. Family Leisure carries a wide variety of testing equipment and pool supplies all with free shipping and the best prices. We have everything you need seven days a week so if you have any questions regarding pool maintenance or water chemistry, give the pros a call.