Your Own Private Island


One of the latest trends in outdoor decking is the floating or island deck. The beauty of these outdoor flooring options is that they don't have to be attached to any other structure; specifically, your house, and they can be placed wherever you like. Floating island decks can be used for your main outdoor living room, or a smaller version can be tucked away in the corner of the yard, or underneath a tree. Imagine the possibilities! A fitness platform (outdoor yoga during the sunrise); a mommy "no kid zone" for relaxation and reading; a grilling area, a play area for the littles. Floating decks can be used to cover up "problem" lawns under large trees and other shaded areas; take an eyesore and a source of frustration and turn it into a lovely spot to escape the heat. Another advantage is that floating decks are ideal for DIY'ers; they are relatively easy to construct and are budget-friendly to boot.

A small floating island deck (8x10) can be assembled with a minimum of preparation. Concrete deck blocks serve as the foundation. You can find tutorials for floating decks all over the internet, as well as instructive videos. Check out this helpful site: How To Build a Floating Deck. They will take you from drawing a plan to purchasing materials to dealing with warped wood to finishing up the deck with a coat of water seal.



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