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Where Family & Fun Come Together - Family is important; and whether that family is one mom, one dad and 2.5 children or grandma, mom and four children or dad and his two kids, mom and her two kids and their one kid together or dad and dad and one kid or dad, mom and three foster kids...its all family. Family is important because it is our connection to the past, to the present and to the future. It is where we get our bearings, our moral compass, our idea of what is important and what matters in life. Family helps us define ourselves and figure out our place in the world. Family gives us wings for the morning and a nest at the end of the day.

Family Leisure is all about family; its a family business, for one. And Family Leisure hopes to promote family togetherness through having fun, whether the family is enjoying a hot dog in the new outdoor kitchen, or playing Marco Polo in the pool, or racking up the balls for a friendly game of pool.

Spending time together as a family is beneficial in many ways. For your growing children, it boosts their language development, improves their thinking and reasoning skills, encourages respect for each other, for family values and for self. Here are some ways to promote family togetherness:

1. Unplug already! I'm talking to you, mom and dad; set an example and put down the phone. Look your kids (and each other) in the face when you talk. Make it a point to put down the electronics for certain periods of the day at least. You don't want your child feeling like he/she is less important than anything that might be trending on your phone.

2. Share some meals. Maybe you can't do it daily, but make an effort; even if you have to drive-through, take the food home, sit at the table and eat together. Smile, converse, fellowship, connect. If you can, have one day a week that everyone knows is a family meal; maybe its Saturday brunch, maybe its Sunday lunch, maybe its Wednesday dinner...whatever works for your family.

3. Spend some time together outdoors. Play a game, have a picnic, go camping, take a nature hike. The great outdoors is a perfect place to bond together as a family.

4. Plan a family "date night." Let the kids pick; go to a movie, out to dinner, play laser tag, it doesn't matter what you do as long as you are together enjoying each other's company. The kids will appreciate getting to be "in charge" and all of you will benefit from spending a special time together.

5. Plan a family vacation. Let the kids have input into the destination and itinerary.

6. Volunteer together. There are many volunteer opportunities that will accommodate the entire family; check with neighborhood churches, food pantries, etc. Or take it upon yourself to spend a Saturday morning picking up litter in the park; kids love to use those plastic claws. All of us need to give back; giving back as a family is extra special. Check out for more ideas.

7. Have a family project. Plant a veggie garden, cook a meal together, create a work of art. has some fun ideas for creative and cool projects to work on.

8. Snuggle up on the sofa. Human beings are designed to require touch for normal development; social skills, emotional maturity and physical development are all impacted by touch. Snuggling up with your kids releases Oxytocin, the "bonding hormone" which increases attachment and healthy emotional and social adjustment.

Michael J. Fox said that "Family is not an important thing. It's everything." Family Leisure agrees wholeheartedly. 

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