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An outdoor storage box will help protect your patio furniture cushions

Thanks to my husband, everything at my house ends up in the shed, whether it belongs there or not. I have rescued photo albums, antiques, Christmas decorations, clothing and yes, Patio Furniture Cushions, from the depths of that infernal shed. However, I will no longer be dragging my cushions out from under his lawn bags and seed spreader because I have discovered several options for storing cushions and anything else I want to tuck away when we are not using our outdoor space. I found utilitarian options, in the form of water resistant storage “bags” that zip or resin boxes which remind me of food storage containers. But I also discovered some more decorative options, Outdoor Storage that fits in and complements my decor. Two favorites are from established names in the patio furniture industry: Hanamint and Royal Teak Collection. Royal Teak offers an all-weather Wicker Storage Box, available in white, black and honey; a great transitional design for any outdoor room. The granddaddy of all cushion storage boxes has to be the Tuscany Storage Box (pictured left) by Hanamint. Oversized and ornate, this aluminum box could double as a table or even extra seating in a pinch. The Tuscany storage box is hand-finished and has a definite “old world” appeal and will complement a traditional “estate” décor.

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