Zen and Outdoor Cooling

Often we walk through life uneasy, not realizing that there are simple and obvious solutions to our discomfort. We almost revel in our pain. I'm remembering the summer day events that I've spent sweating and complaining. I'm recalling every time I have dragged myself, unwilling, from the lakeside to an indoor air-conditioned refuge. Apparently, these were blind discomfort scenarios. Dry heat? Wet heat? Curse-the-heavens-hot heat? There's outdoor air conditioning for that.

My current favorite line of Family Leisure products is hands-down the Hessaire line of Outdoor Cooling solutions. The concept of outdoor cooling was brought to my co-worker's attention on his latest trip to Las Vegas. It was a scorcher outside, but he was instantly and consistently comfortable whenever he was in the radius of a Hessaire Outdoor Air Conditioner. Sweet, sweet relief! What a discovery. Family Leisure has adopted this line of products, and is now bringing the possibility of a cool, comfortable outdoor summer to wherever customers may be.

One trademark of a quality company is the ability to fully articulate the specific benefits of their product. Hessaire Cooling Solutions knows exactly what leg-up they have on their competition. They got in the business to deliver practical and effective outdoor cooling solutions, and they succeed. They know they are special. Hessaire boasts the highest cubic feet per minute (CFM) of cooling per dollar of any cooler in the industry. Most comparable models are priced at two times the cost of Hessaire products. Then, they save you on electricity bills, comparatively. These are the most power efficient coolers on the market, and the competition's coolers use approximately 40% more power consumption per CFM. Hessaire Outdoor Air Conditioners oscillate, unlike most others. They are famously quiet and physically take up very little space.

As a youngster climbing out of a student debt hole, I typically don't even consider the finer things in life. This luxury, I'm going to jump for. The most compact of the models costs only $399. It's only 32 pounds, so I can man the package myself, and it requires no assembly. That's my kind of delivery! I have an apartment balcony, and this summer, I know exactly what I'm going to do with it. I'm going to say 'not today' to heat waves and the suffering that comes with them. I'll keep cool, inside and out.

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