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How to properly install a swimming pool winter cover

EZ Drain diagramA necessary step in the closing of a swimming pool is the installation of the winter cover. There are various types of pool covers, from the traditional winter cover and air pillow system, to the automatic EZ Drain Winter Cover System pictured right as an example; view the EZ Drain Winter Cover from Family Leisure here.

How do you install one of these things? We have discussed the EZ Drain Winter Cover and installation process before; read the EZ Drain Winter Cover blog here. While each winter cover manufacturer presents different models to cover your pool, for most traditional winter pillow and cover systems the installation process is as follows:

  1. You will have to deal with your pool water. This involves adding chemicals and draining up to 1/3 of the pool water. We have discussed how to winterize your pool water in a previous blog; read the Winter Pool Care blog here.
  2. We then suggest you winterize your pool filter system, which we have also discussed in a previous blog; read the Winter Care 2 blog here.
  3. Ask a friend or neighbor for help. You know, that neighbor who frequently used your pool just a little too much during the summer? Now use that pool usage as leverage for some sweat equity. You will need the help.
  4. Inflate your air pillow (view the Winter Pillow here). This will prevent water on the top of the winter cover from building up in the middle.
  5. Center the air pillow in the middle of the pool water and tie it to the sides. The pillows have eyelets in the corners for this purpose. If placed in the center and tied securely, rain water will flow to the sides of the winter cover like a moat around a castle, rather than a deep pond in the middle of your winter cover.
  6. With the help of your friendly neighbor, place the winter cover over the pool.
  7. Run the cable through the eyelets or grommets on the winter cover around the pool.
  8. Attach the winch to the cable and tighten as per instructions.
  9. Put a few inches of water on the cover for weight and to be sure it flows to the sides, not the center.
  10. Apply the optional winter cover seal (view Winter Cover Seal here).
  11. Use bungee cords to help secure down areas, but only if needed.
  12. Say "thanks" and kick your neighbor out of your backyard.

A properly installed winter cover will ensure your swimming pool is ready to go when it starts getting warming again. Family Leisure offers Winter Pool Supplies for sale and with free nationwide shipping including winter covers for swimming pools; view all Family Leisure Winter Pool Supplies here.

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