How to Get The Most Out of Granite

Granite is among the oldest and toughest stones available on the surface of the earth. It is known for its prestige, elegance, and quality where it is widely used. For over a thousand years, granite has had various purposes. The uses range from cooking, manufacturing, construction, architecture, among many others

What Is Granite?

The name comes from a Latin term "granum." The translation of the word means to have a coarse-grained structure. According to geology, it is a felsic intrusive igneous rock with a granular and phanelitic texture. It is, therefore, the most common type of stone that you can find. The sandstone comes in a variety of countertop colors ranging from grey, white, and pink. The countertop colors are different due to the variations in the mineralogy in them.

Most of granites contain two elements including alkali feldspar and quartz. The composition of quartz ranges from 20-60 percent while that of feldspar is usually at 35 percent. The strength of granite arises due to the process of its formation. It is formed by extreme heat which encompasses a lot of pressure underground.

What are examples of its uses?

1. Grilling

If you have not grilled your food using granite you are missing out a lot. It is the best cooking stone that you can use in your kitchen. It is not only useful in grilling but also in baking foods. Using them in your cooking is straightforward. The most significant benefit is that it is cost effective as it provides value for your money. When picking the slabs for grilling, go for the small sizes ranging from 8'-10' or 12'-14'. The dimensions are not too heavy for you to carry around. The dimensions are also appropriate for fitting into your grill or oven.

Some people underestimate granite because of its cold nature. However, it is the cold nature that makes it perfect for cooking. The stone can absorb the high temperature and use it to cook your meal. Experts recommend that you heat the slabs for at least 20-30 minutes before you can start cooking.

Granite can withstand high temperatures ranging from 400 degrees and above. Remove the slabs after cooking and run hot water on them. After that, you can clean it using alcohol and water with a piece of water towel. The process helps improve the longevity and effectiveness of using the slabs.

The stone is effective and efficient compared to the standard method of grilling. Unlike regular grilling, the stone distributes the heat evenly on the surface and thus creating a culinary perfection. It is also possible for you to cook a variety of meals such as pizza, eggs, and green beans on the stone. The other methods of grilling would not allow you to prepare such meals because they would fall off through the grate. It is also easy to clean and provides a long-term cooking solution.

The most common home cooked by grilling meal is pizza. Pizza made by the slab heat has a unique taste. This is the best way to prepare pizza using the precious stone;

i) The initial step is to heat the slab

ii) You can use the granite surface to roll out the pizza dough you made. Multipurpose flour is useful in preventing the dough from sticking to the surface

iii) Put the pizza on the peel and brush with olive oil. You can then add the toppings you prepared for your pizza

iv) Check to see if the slabs are warm enough

v) Place the pizza onto the stone and lock the grill

vi) Leave to cook for about 10-12 minutes

vii) Serve

2. Countertops, Islands, and Vanity Tops

Granite is very appropriate for the kitchen and bathroom surfaces. It is popular among many households because of its many uses. Not only does it provide smooth and sanitary surfaces, but it also enhances the outlook of the entire room.

The sandstone is suitable for all types of houses whether in a traditional or modern setting. Other advantages include its ability to resist water, bacteria, and the growth of molds. The hypoallergenic property makes it suitable for the kitchen surfaces. Its resistance to heat and high temperature makes it ideal for the kitchen countertops. The exteriors need simple cleanings such as mopping and sweeping to remove the dirt.

Tables, desks, and shelves can also be improved with the precious stone. The material is hardy and therefore can withstand any force placed on it. It is also durable, and thus the surfaces will not need regular repairs and replacements. The stylish property makes it suitable to use formally in the dining room. Office desks, shelves and any designs that can be fitted with plywood can be designed with granite as a better alternative.

4. Decorative Purposes

Apart from the functional uses of the stone, it is also instrumental in home décor. When using granite, you don’t need to buy additional resources for home décor, you can use a few tricks to decorate your house.

The medallion mosaics are a fantastic decoration to make in your house. You can put it in any room including the bathroom, floors, and walls, outside and inside the home surfaces or on the pool floor. There are many designs and patterns of colors that you can select from your preference.

Modern window frames no longer make use of the wooden frames. The stone is now able to hold the window in place firmly without losing the design of the house. Apart from making the windows look well designed, any water that splashes on the window cannot damage it easily. It saves you the money you spend on regular painting and maintenance of the window frames.

The fireplace mantle is one of the most neglected places in the living area. The stone can help bring it back to elegance and create an organized look. Using sandstone enhances the appearance of the place giving it an elegant look.

Wall cladding and paneling is also best done with sandstone. This can be done to both inside and outside the house. It can be on the garden walls and facades. You can place it inside the house in the bathroom and other areas of your choice.

On the pavements, the sandstone creates a better look when incorporated with the slabs. The sandstone makes the slabs look luxurious to walk on and increases the overall value of your house.

5. Building and Architecture

It is important to note that sandstone was one of the most ancient methods of construction. Some of these buildings are still standing firm today. Important historical, cultural, and religious buildings globally used the material in construction. The pyramids of Egypt, for example, have been in existence since centuries ago. Prominent church cathedrals, Roman bridges, and museums also utilized the sandstone in their construction.

Granite is thus durable and stable when used on buildings. There is a lot of proof to verify its strength and long-lasting effect. You can choose to either use the material while rugged or polished. Either way, your building will still look amazing. It is possible to blend the refined and rough stones to create a unique blend of art.

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