Grilling? There's an App for That!!

There are a multitude of apps to help you become the grill boss you always dreamed you would be. Here are some smokin' highly rated apps for you to try. 

Smash it with
Grill-It! by Grilling Companion. This app is available for both iPhone and Android devices and offers a compendium of grilling recipes for beef, lamb, seafood, and poultry; it adds new recipes automatically and allows you to search with key words so you can find exactly what you are looking for. With a 4.4 rating, you are sure to find some fantastic recipes with step by step instructions, all for a measly 99 cent investment. Featured in Maxim and the Washington Post! Reviewers say "awesome app for new grill enthusiasts!" 


MyMeatUp by North American Meat Institute is a primer for learning about all things meat. This complete guide to beef, pork, lamb and veal includes advice on navigating the grocery store, cooking tips, recipes and a "Where does my meat come from?" feature so you can really get to know that porterhouse before you chomp on it. Oh, and its FREE! 


HowToBBQRight is an app from pitmaster Malcom Reed; You can search all of his recipes as well as his YouTube videos on this free app; every week you get a new recipe! A 5.0 rating from some very happy people who especially like the step by step videos. 


BBQ Smoking Journal & Grilling Recipes Exchange by Cave Tools is completely free and has, as its goal, to make "this the most comprehensive and active barbecue recipes app available." This is the app for you if you want to get up close and personal with other grill enthusiasts; the Grilling Recipes Exchange offers hundreds of recipes available from the community. 


If you are all about beef, all the time, check out SteakMate by Meat & Livestock Australia. This free app will help you cook the perfect steak by giving you exactly how to cook it to get the results you want. Slap that steak on the barbee and grill with confidence with this popular app. 


The Pit Pal BBQ App by Brian Munter was listed by USA today as "one of the 10 best apps for dad" and mom too, we assume, if she wants to grill. This all-inclusive app is designed to help you "produce more consistent BBQ for backyard cooks, competitors, as well as caterers and restaurateurs" This app allows you to add photos and detailed notes that can be stored in a cook archive!


Links provided are for Apple devices, but most of these are also available for Android. 


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