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It's never too early to be thinking about summer and that new grill you've been promising yourself for ages. You know those ceramic kamado-style grills have fascinated you for ages; its a smoker, its a grill, its a pizza oven and it just looks so darn cool! Family Leisure is introducing the updated Platinum line from Saffire, a family owned company and an industry leader in kamado-style grills. Saffire has over 3 decades of experience and their expertise shows in the construction of their grills, the amenities they offer, and their incredible warranties.

Their sophisticated line of grills offer extra thick, kiln-fired ceramic construction, as well as heavy-duty 304 stainless steel hardware. Metal hinges, bands, even the cooking cart have unbelievable strength, stability and durability due to the properties of this premium steel. 304 Stainless Steel offers increased corrosion resistance around damp places, salt, chlorine and other caustic elements, which makes it the perfect metal for use in the Saffire Platinum grill line. These grills are designed for durability, efficiency, performance and reliability so that you can have the best grilling experience of your life. Both the ceramics and the 304 stainless steel come with lifetime warranties!

Saffire Platinum grills offer a multitude of superior cooking advantages, starting with their 1" thick ceramic construction and airtight gasket seal. Flare-ups are virtually eliminated, there is a minimum of ash produced, and fires are easy to start using natural hardwood lump charcoal. This results in much better flavor, along with a 50-75% reduction in charcoal use. You can actually do 18 or more hours of cooking/smoking with just one load of charcoal!

And there are more advantages; you will produce juicy meat products without resorting to the use of water pans Wood chips for smoking require no soaking prior to use. You will be able to keep the moisture in your foods, and your ribs won't cook away to nothing. Saffire grills will maintain an even temperature so you don't have to hover over it like an over-protective helicopter parent. And yes, you can sear meat with the Saffire grill; easily take the grill from 700 to 200 degrees. Even though the Saffire grills can be blazing hot on the inside, the outside will retain a safe exterior temperature for your safety.

Saffire is an innovator, with patent pending inventions like the Crucible Firebox and Smokin' Chip Feeder. About that Crucible Firebox; isn't that a great name for a grill feature? Saffire's patent pending Crucible Firebox features an aluminized steel housing and is lined with refractory bricks; it has been rated up to 2700 degrees with no structural failure. It comes with a charcoal basket which provides greater cooking space and an over-large ash pan that makes cleaning up easy as pie. The Crucible Firebox also renders Saffire grills easier and faster to start.

The Smokin' Chip Feeder makes it more expedient than ever to add the perfect amount of wood chips to produce the absolutely ideal amount of smoke for your meat. This ingenious device eliminates the need to put the chips in first, so they don't burn up before you are ready for them. You don't have to open the grill and lose heat or interrupt your cooking cycle to add chips. The cooking grid can stay right where it is. And you avoid getting chips dropping onto your food by trying to feed them through the cooking grid. Smoking your meat can be an art and a pleasure with the Smokin' Chip Feeder.

And there's more! Standard with Saffire Platinum grills is a multi-level cooking grid that allows you to cook with two different temperatures at once. The lower level can be used for searing, while the higher level is great for slower cooking. With the addition of the heat deflector, you can control more heat to one side to produce that intense, searing heat that makes those lovely grill marks on your juicy steaks.   

Now's the perfect time to check out these incredible kamado-style grills at Family Leisure! Available in 15"19" and a XL 23" diameter versions, the Saffire Platinum line comes in a blazing cobalt blue or everyone's favorite, classic black. They are available as a grill head for built-in options or with a cart for more portability. 

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